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Abandoned by Mama , baby Yuni was without hope, waking up penniless and alone in a gutter... but there was a light at the end of the tunnel. After setting on a journey to find Mama Rin in the icy wastes of the Russian Federation, Yuni began making friends along the way.
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2020/01/17 10:40:55 PM UTC

@daisuke its like those autistics who say that curing autism is genocide -- koo koo's that like to cash in on their trouble

2020/01/17 10:40:09 PM UTC

@histoire someone should cut off jojo's legs :blobcarrot: :knife

2020/01/17 10:37:54 PM UTC

Flying to #virginia on Sunday morning to be part of the spectacle. Rendezvous points established.

2020/01/17 10:31:49 PM UTC

My job is okay. I earn about $100 a day.

2020/01/08 7:52:59 AM UTC

Dinner at the #freemason lodge was really tasty tonight. The meatballs were damn dog diggity tasty.

2020/01/08 4:15:50 AM UTC

I wonder how my wife @imurcultleader is doing. Wish I could have brought her to dinner at the Masonic lodge tonight, it was top notch!

2020/01/07 9:45:21 PM UTC

going to job interview in 30 minutes

2020/01/07 7:41:18 PM UTC

@daisuke birthday gift for you kiddos starter pack
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