lizzu, "bee" |

just beeing myself lul
xmep : | freenode: lizzeboof

2020/02/24 7:37:30 PM UTC

frenly reminder it's CWC's birthday go wish """""""her""""""" well

2020/02/24 5:24:47 PM UTC

@surasanji @toast it's the bacon bees, the only source for the US's bacon-flavoured food obsession

2020/02/24 5:19:36 PM UTC

@proxeus you'll get better with time promise

2020/02/24 5:09:21 PM UTC

morn feddy verse :comfypeekyanderegun:

2020/02/24 6:55:10 AM UTC

nini frens ilu don't come to fedi tomorrow

2020/02/24 4:45:57 AM UTC

@tn5421 @rizzo wat the h*ck we doin a sads party now!?!

2020/02/24 3:15:38 AM UTC

@rizzo pls don't I can't handle two people doing that at once

2020/02/23 10:49:07 PM UTC

@hj it was a quality add-on, but it weighed about as much as a nunchuk and hit your wrist if you moved too far

2020/02/23 10:43:39 PM UTC

@hj I mean the original motion plus adapters were horrible but once they started building them into newer controllers, yea peak vidya

2020/02/23 10:39:15 PM UTC

re: cursed feed the beast idea
@ivesen @alayna this liquid physics devour memory

2020/02/23 10:19:37 PM UTC

actual dysphoria trigger warning
@steph tfw literally don't have one, have natural Ds, hips are wider than shoulders, torso is short, and skull is reasonably feminine for my ethnic background. legit all but a few square cms of my body are female. and somehow those are the only few that matter lmao

2020/02/23 9:31:48 PM UTC

tfw some inbred hag yelled at me to "get on the sidewalk" in a neighbourhood where it's arguably illegal for me to have done so.

also I was going 35km/h lmfao what

2020/02/23 4:36:21 PM UTC

@wizard o man am wednesday, almost twinsiez uwu

happi bifdu wizzu!!

2020/02/23 3:53:15 PM UTC

@Olivia hey wb fren you just missed it there were two xj9s

2020/02/23 3:49:16 PM UTC

@karen let's build our own internet

with blackjack and hookers