lizzu, frenliest bee on fedi |

just beeing myself lul
xmep : | freenode: lizzeboof

sleptim ilu all frens agummyheart

kinda want the last of the nuggs but I just ate dins hnn..

@nik @cirno relateable..

@tk thamk fren..

@cantinto like the fantasy changes every time I imagine it. I have no concise picture of it but it's still something I think about.

@cantinto I've done that but there's never any real continuity so I don't count it.

haha it's 2:30 and the existential dread is already in full force hehe kill me

oh yea and the store lead was around to see I was visibly in pain last night and said nothing so there's that too, I guess.

@tk it's mostly healed just stretching and heavy lifting set it off. which like not supposed to have to deal with the latter just people ignore the tiny sign that says keep large items off the belt.

@djsumdog yea I'm glad my entire commute is by trail rn but

@tk add on that I nearly passed out from it yesterday after being told to "just take it easy"

@tk yea apparently working within my limits is against policy despite being what EVERY OTHER SUPERVISOR TOLD ME TO DO

like manager just sorta told me in the most deadpan voice to clock out and not come back until it's healed. and tried shaming me for "not telling anyone" when I literally told all my supervisors in person AND her over the phone. no actual empathy in it just covering the company's ass.

haha morn frens I got sent home after an hour for putting up a dumb lil sign asking customers to go easy on my shoulder

@tk more my manager's ngl..

haha why tf am i awake haha

@medli ilu bb hope ur ok blobcatheart

morn frens it's gross out annd I feel gross..

it #frideynight am vibin, havin some squid party fun and people stompin on it..