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don't follow unless you're a boomer tech support

2019/12/11 7:43:31 PM UTC

@wowaname I can see why 90% of the good instances run Pleroma now

once I get email working you can put on your list btw, don't want to advertise an instance with broken sign-ups though

2019/12/11 7:38:15 PM UTC

anyway I had to renice every Mastodon process to a priority of 18 and every ffmpeg to a priority of 20

2019/12/11 7:36:52 PM UTC

who the FUCK thought that transcoding all the media was a good idea I want to speak to the manager

2019/12/11 7:35:45 PM UTC

sorry if instance was running slow, blame me for underestimating the bloat factor of Mastodon

2019/12/11 6:53:00 PM UTC

@ivesen I think this is my most viral post now wtf

2019/12/11 5:11:06 PM UTC

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2019/12/11 5:12:31 PM UTC

@absturztaube @kitsune @lottev as a friend (which I expected she would like me in the same way :blobcatpout:) but not romantically

2019/12/11 4:45:44 PM UTC

@absturztaube @kitsune @lottev > acting like I don't favorite every status I'm mentioned in

2019/12/11 4:45:24 PM UTC

@lottev @absturztaube @kitsune > i don’t even know what he looks like

you don't want to, lol :blobcatcry2: