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admin of and, if you have any questions/concerns, or if you just wanna talk, dm me

please don't tag me in hellthreads though

if i'm posting too much meta stuff please slap me or something don't just unfollow that makes me sad :blobcatglare:

2020/01/18 8:27:03 PM UTC

@lottev make an account on and use the same credentials for XMPP login :blobcat3c:

2020/01/18 8:21:37 PM UTC

@jasonl8446 your xmpp is and your password is the same as your password

2020/01/18 8:20:09 PM UTC

@jasonl8446 you are wrong you do have xmpp now :blobcat3c:

2020/01/18 8:17:27 PM UTC

uh is there anyone I can message to test my xmpp?

2020/01/18 8:10:41 PM UTC

@lottev well, what other extreme views are you thinking of?

2020/01/18 8:09:18 PM UTC

mongooseim = :blobcatgooglytrash:

2020/01/18 8:08:48 PM UTC

@lottev depends on how extreme the view is, you could say "no advocating for known terrorist organizations" and that'd be reasonable

2020/01/18 7:31:34 PM UTC

@kaname @p I think p was doing something like that - also I could manage your Pleroma hosting if you pay me lol

2020/01/18 7:12:09 PM UTC

@kazuma @jookia I NEVER BLOCKED YOU :blobcat_MUDAMUDAMUDA:

2020/01/18 7:08:57 PM UTC

wait I forgot hannah wrote a blogpost about how to do this.


2020/01/18 7:04:28 PM UTC

ok screw it I'm not gonna use the crappy Pleroma way of integrating mongooseim, you'll just have to sign up for a separate XMPP account

2020/01/18 6:43:20 PM UTC

@KatGoesWoof not yet, planning on it soon. interested?