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2020/02/24 6:05:51 PM UTC

is a fork of (in particular, glitch-soc) that adds and changes many features that the developers are unwilling to do.

Current changes:
* accepts likes on remote posts (so like counts are more accurate, and more posts make it to the instance)
* higher emoji size limit (500k)
* media blocks don't block account avatars
* various text changes (toot --> nyan), WIP

Code is hosted at and the main developer is @mewmew

Please comment with any suggestions you have! Blobcatstodon is currently running on and

2020/02/24 5:30:46 PM UTC

@alayna windows ten more like windows-tan

2020/02/24 3:34:10 PM UTC

@shebang @dave I'm not going to respond to your first point since I think we're just arguing over semantics and that's probably not gonna be productive.

As for the second - the concerns you brought up are exactly why we need a more socialistic distribution of wealth. Either people have to work for wages too low to live on, or they're replaced by robots. The problem is, when they are replaced, they don't get the wealth that the robot generated - that all goes to the owner. This is why UBI will probably be a necessity - most people don't need to work to produce all of society's goods and services nowadays.

2020/02/24 8:02:36 AM UTC

@shebang @dave I'd respond to this (since I feel like this is a good discussion) but I really need to sleep so I'll get back to you tomorrow, sorry to keep you waiting

2020/02/24 8:01:24 AM UTC

@kick @0x07 privately-owned monopolies have a fundamental competing interest, that is the profit motive, that encourages them to not optimize for what is most beneficial to society.

2020/02/24 8:00:51 AM UTC

@0x07 OK, I've been running my company for a while and am charging 5x what a product costs to make. You want to be a competitor. I drop my prices to 1/2x what a product costs to make, you have no chance of competing. Once you're gone I raise my prices again. You can't compete against that.

2020/02/24 7:59:24 AM UTC

@kick @0x07 AT&T should've been acquired by the government instead of having a government-enforced revenue stream, same problem I have with private prisons

2020/02/24 7:58:30 AM UTC

@0x07 who enforces the laws in a stateless country?

2020/02/24 7:56:26 AM UTC

@0x07 so you'd support a government to ban slavery?

I'd say that exclusively controlling infrastructure for high prices without competition is pretty aggressive and needs regulation too

2020/02/24 7:54:28 AM UTC

@kick @0x07 corporate monopolies are bloat and instead should just be managed by the government instead

2020/02/24 7:53:20 AM UTC

@0x07 You could make the same argument on slavery - government intervention to prevent slavery is never desirable nor necessary, only true freedom can grant freedom after all.

2020/02/24 7:52:23 AM UTC

@kick @0x07 the only reason AT&T was a government enforced monopoly was because it was either that or being broken up sooner. If the government wasn't involved they would've only been more powerful. Same problem with tech companies today.

2020/02/24 7:49:57 AM UTC

@0x07 My argument is that the situation you described is not reflective of what true unregulated capitalism is, which is what one of your earlier posts implied. I agree that it's a good system to strive for but I think government intervention would be necessary to get there (and publicization of things that make operating at scale easier, so all companies are on a fair playing field)

2020/02/24 7:40:07 AM UTC

@proxeus but you can never have too much cute!