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See man 4 mewmew

"I hate you so much..." -

"sometimes i think ur more fucked up than me and thats saying smth bud" -

@karolat @wowaname tell newt to bother me for help in a couple of hours.

@isi blobcatmorningcoffee nice

@SyrupSlushie if it's not a blobcat it's not a good word blobcatyandere

sorry, I don't make the rules blobcatpolicepeek

@SyrupSlushie :blobcatchow:

(also, this is exactly the type of post I'd expect to find @sjw on blobcatlul)

if you browse Twitter enough you'll come across people you've seen on Fedi before, it's inevitable

@wolfie a couple things. YouTube videos I really like, some online simulations/experiments, stuff like that

do you ever get into something really niche and realize that you might be the person in the world who's spent the most time with it?

is this image NSFW?

@reag how many sites do you have holy-

every time I look at your sites it seems like another one comes out of hiding blobcatderpy

re: Undertale
@bulaklak nah, you should make sure to kill everyone you come across to max your LV

@shebang you did put it in bold ablobcatsweatsip usually implies drawing attention

@shebang lewd shebang! I knew it! blobcat_MUDAMUDAMUDA

@shebang I thought you were pure blobcatlewd

@sjw your boy really is quite stupid isn't he

@icedquinn @sjw I'm not gonna ban you for what you've been posting.

@fluffy the *chomp* gets me