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I'm bad at writing bios.

@sjw wew high res

re: horny question
@Blort second person?

@Feuerfuchs very good

ok everyone I need an actual desktop background suggestion

@null nope

@null deprecated lmfao

@eee fair enough

@eee they're basically saying "I don't think thoughtcrime is a useful concept for society" which... like... yes?

@eee @mewmew
> post where they admit to being an anti-c map

depends on your definition of the word "we"

@eee @mewmew
> - the discord dms

ok so... that's not anything I'd consider incriminating. and it doesn't have any context of *why* they sent the message

I've seen the rest of their posts. I think the "I need help" might've been referring to something else.

> There explanation just shows that they're trying to hide this and doing damage control. I think this reason enough to believe they are at least inclined towards pedophilic behaviors even if these tendencies are out of their control.

there's no evidence of this

I see no evidence miro harmed anyone.

@alyx @promethea @sylveon @tuxcrafting The fucked up thing is that they fowced the "twansgendew" tewm on peopwe when they actuawwy do mean "twanssexuaw".
Aww the dwug thewapy does is nyot change onye's gendew, but theiw appeawance of sex.
If gendew is something intwinsic to you, something tied to youw pewsonyawity, to how youw bwain wowks, to how you feew and act, then NyOTHING you do ow don't do changes that. With ow without pubewty bwockews ow howmonye thewapy, youw gendew is what it is. The onwy thing that actuawwy changes when you take those things is the outwawd appeawance of youw sex.

@alyx @sylveon @tuxcrafting so? "we should do this because that's what people do it at" isn't a good argument for your position.

3am4am voice chats: ebi no. alice NOOOOOOOO

@alyx @sylveon @tuxcrafting why is 18 where you draw the line tho. why not 13? or 25, which is when the brain is fully developed?

@Meeper so? what do they think I’m doing in there?

@tuxcrafting THIS IS HORNY JAIL, THERE IS NO ESCAPE blobcatfireeyes

"what does your desktop look like mew" glad you asked

sensitive media