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^ these are pronouns, as you probably can guess

@dielan @hntooter of course, just like Obama's guy left when Trump got in.

@Jessica @isi well, he was already on Matrix comfytongue

@Jessica @isi ikr

he let me bridge it to Matrix which is comfyuwu big uwu

@isi @Jessica (ajay and the project in general are really good)

YO plants are cool as FUCK

> WebADB lets you run ADB right from your web browser

Thanks, it's cursed

@toast oh, I haven't seen him around in months

@georgia might be able to tell you the drama about dke


@cadence woah lewd

"Fly by night" is such an interesting phrase - for a term that essentially is just calling companies a scam there are like twenty different songs/films/books with the name

@schmittlauch @allison @ebihara @sean sure, and for that I'd agree with you. it's people applying it to the former that's unreasonable.

you don't need to accept the ideas, or accept them as positions you'd be willing to compromise on - but writing off the people is a bad idea, regardless of their positions. most people aren't evil.

@allison @ebihara @schmittlauch @sean of course, that's why this argument is so frustrating

and also, what even is "tolerance"

is tolerance "let's not kill these people" or "let's accept these ideas as reasonable"

make xhtml great again (actually don't)

@realcaseyrollins @Seirdy XHTML is always valid HTML though/.

@realcaseyrollins @Seirdy that's not true either way.

for example <strong><em></strong></em> is valid HTML but not XML

XML allows arbitrary tags, HTML doesn't.

@syntacticsugarglider Url and Api are what got me to make this post