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I have a pet, you might find her :blobcat3c:

where does the saying "nuke it from orbit" even come from?

@imightbite A wiki of nudes

@Paradox ugh, that too...

if watergate happened nowadays it'd be called watergategate

@shebang suya suya blobcatpat

@imightbite > you
> pure

@lizzubee how is it?

re: An Open Letter to People Who Would Rather Conceal Carry And Threaten Store Workers Asking Them To Wear Masks
@naia @starwall doesn't seem too unreasonable? criminals would want to stay unnoticed and non-confrontational as to not get treated worse,

@lizzubee whose cum

@vanillabean don't die

pet peeve: when people add -pedia to their wiki name instead of prefixing it with wiki-

@allison no, you didn't tell me.

@NeikoCat also consider: scissors

@NeikoCat how fast does your hair grow? jeez

@allison ooh, didn't know he was an old github user

*p fanboyism intensifies*

@imightbite @Epsiloco have you sent any, though? camfy

@toast @Epsiloco @allison @imightbite I've seen a picture of you with a dick inside youmusmug