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2020/04/02 5:34:54 PM UTC

@tromino those are pretty annoying too

2020/04/02 5:01:18 AM UTC

@kick @Ricotta @cirno @djsumdog average. average encouraging suicide and defending threatening suicide and you get neutrality.

2020/04/02 4:58:57 AM UTC

@kick @djsumdog @1iceloops123 @Ricotta @cirno that's not Fedi

it is kinda cool though, the community is... interesting

2020/04/02 4:57:32 AM UTC

@Ricotta @cirno that's not an answer.

Where do I sign up? How do I make an account? Do I need an email? Why are my messages not sending? Why can my friend see my IP address? etc etc it's a terrible protocol. sure you can do it but why the fuck would I want to when I have a dozen easier options.

2020/04/02 4:56:28 AM UTC

@kick @Ricotta @cirno @djsumdog that's exactly what average means though.

2020/04/02 4:53:17 AM UTC

@Ricotta @cirno ok.

How do I use IRC to send a file to my friend? More importantly, is there a way I can do it that is faster than "just upload it somewhere else and link it over email"?

2020/04/02 4:47:07 AM UTC

re: covid grumble
@djsumdog @Mainebot if you don't get rid of every single infectious case before ending lockdown, the curve will come back

2020/04/02 4:43:23 AM UTC

@kick @cirno XMPP has hacks for all of those features and IRC has hacks for all of those features. The hacks in XMPP tend to be a bit more elegant.

2020/04/02 4:40:42 AM UTC

@kick @cirno is it though?

the most frustrating thing about XMPP is configuring the server software. all of those features are supported if you can figure out HOW

2020/04/02 4:30:49 AM UTC

that was probably the worst possible video I could pick

2020/04/02 4:16:31 AM UTC

I went through every fucking channel and nope, I guess this is the one channel I decided not to subscribe to