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moved to

alright guess I'm using this account again. weeeee

I wish people were good

@ezist they're going through a moment rn it's okay

I just want people to be happy. is that too much to ask for?

okay I just met someone else having the same problem so it IS server-wide

day 3 of not being able to upload

I even tried using a different web browser and it still won't work.
I'm convinced this is happening server wide

@graf I can't upload an avi to pleroma because it bugs out. it's been like this for days and I tried it out on husky too

whenever I'm feeling I kinda like to take political tests and see my results.

might as well do that with the political compass lol

can I just be cute for once

I feel like I'm making good progress in my classes but I also feel like everything I work on is bad. Maybe it's the dunning-kruger effect, I don't know

getting cancelled on twitter just for something I've already made clear on my website is really emotionally draining.

especially when I'm getting comments like "r*pists don't deserve rights" it just drives me down so much.

day 3 of having no profile picture. I'm just gonna get used to it. fuck it

@allison do you have access to the infrastructure or whatever that is?

@sylveon all the time.

so I guess I'm going pfp-less for a while. this is fun.

I was just thinking about changing my pfp to one of the emotes we have. like ablobcatbongo

I guess I could also ping @Jain know since they're an admin as well

it looks like I can't upload any image to not even on a different client

@allison do you know if you can fix this?

@kaz I tried scaling it down and it's all like "unexpected JSON in line 1 column 1"

looks like I can't update my profile pic

can I just hear some good anti loli arguments for once? I'm open minded but I feel like none of them know what they're talking about