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This is where I post things that I think of. A lot of what I say is a joke and some of it isn't.

My wordcloud from a bot on Twitter, not surprising really. I love saying the word "account" apparently.

Still no sex, it's beginning to repulse me

I haven't had sex in over a month and honestly I'm happier this way.

I just had a great idea for a flag

If you bring up the MacDonald Triad I will end you

Bedwetter Pride Flag

@sherry Alright, Peter then. I have to release Peter back in the wild because they don't sell the kind of food he needs at the store.

Look at this tiny snake I found
sensitive media

@quinn @miro One of us one of us

Why am I okay with the word "person" but not "human"

@sherry you're so right

Bargain bin bones

Imagine being this person, and your bones are on CLEARANCE

@sherry something