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Chill dude, 21+. Came here for a laugh.


Morning neighbours

I dont get why you would want a wireless mouse for a desktop.

@thor The components get separated in some wierd way. It becomes a box of goo.

Common sense
Hey, what's the phobia of chainsaws called?  What?  Common sense  Why?  ???  Why would a chain saw be affraid of common sense?

Bubbles, lights, bubble lights agummyaww

It's essential to prepare everything for your video calls.
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Man making a video call and a cat is taped to the wall.

@thor but that's a rusian blue, isn't it

@thor Sometimes it just feels inappropriate to share. Like when it's a self deprecating joke.

@coolboymew Ahh, troll physics. Is it still a thing?

Meming as shown in Figure 1. Using matplotlib to be more specific.

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