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Chill dude, 21+. Came here for a laugh.

you, employee

pick up that can

Today I learned there is a god named Θώθ.

What is you served HTML over gemini?

@salixlucida I've seen something like this 10 years ago. A generator that used a falling sack of sand. Problem is that it never got deployed widely enough. This looks like an even more expensive piece of equipment.


blobcatscience alright, it's time for some ex~
blabcatverifiedfake haha boobs.
blobcattouchfluffytailredeyes OVERRIDE CODE ACCEPTED.
blobcatscience GOD. DAMN. IT~
blobcatgoogly haha what if she put the beaker between her boobies.

Where is the thing?

A piegraph that answers "Where is the thing?". 50% is marked as "Carelessly set down (I forget where)". The other 50% is marked as "Deliberately put in special place (I forget where)"

me: *quotes current scientific consensus*

fediverse: you're wrong and this is why!

Maximum CD - February 1999

@a1batross ya might wana bring rhem to matrix.

@icedquinn Happy bday!