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I hope your day is going well! I am still recovering from the night. What a game!
It was the right choice to watch it live, and I can't wait for next week.


@jordan31 I think it's a well made game, I am just not a person who grindes the same stuff over and over again.


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@jordan31 Well it's a free game, so you don't lose anything.

I'd describe PoE as the Dota 2 of aRPG games, since it has a similar learning curve. I definitely recommend a guide.

Sorry but I still don't know what's good about Path of Exile. I have a few hours, about 200 maybe, in the game, but I just don't understand why people play it over and over and over again.

@icedquinn What is that? A Gamebody Backwards?

This was a long night, but I am happy. On the next week vs the winner of tampa bay - saints game, at home.

This was quite a good game, very well build strategy, not forcing things, and just run, run, run.


Packers <3


So if there is mentality, there must be womentality too.


Meanwhile, this is the picture of the week...

Looks like Trump is back on both Facebook and Instagram. I wonder the leftist zealots will protest at facebook hq any moment, soon (tm).


Lol, Klopp has now problems that Man United gets too many penalties.

This is funny, since in the Ferguson era we had probably less penalties than anybody in the league. I don't even remember who was our penalty taker.

Is he afraid that we'll get a penalty in the 92 minutes and we'll win?

Let's hope so. This game is not about simple winning, it's about sending a message to Liverpool.

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Aragon's 42mm Divemaster is an insane value. Automatic, Sapphire and Ceramic for $140?! Watch Review

At this price it's definitely a steal if you need a diver type watch. Especially that it's a very wearable size at 42mm. I like the date window's design too.

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I am still bumed out that not Jim Caviezel is the main character, but good to see David Boreanaz on screen. Bones was unwatchable for me after season 1.

So, this Seal Team series is still going. Is it worth to continue? I think I took a break somewhere in season 2, I don't remember when, little after Jason lost his ....

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