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2019/11/17 9:53:00 AM UTC

@fristi @mewmew :blobcatgiggle2: i do that already~

2019/11/17 9:24:12 AM UTC

@fristi @mewmew :blobcatsmug: make me admin on your instance

2019/11/17 8:41:38 AM UTC

@owo @mewmew @rin its ridiculous. i feel like they have no idea what a nazi actually is and unknowingly broaden the term to include so much more and this isn't helping to fight actual nazis at all.
they probably should read a bit more into history, into more recent nazi-terrorism like nsu and stuff to get a real grasp what nazis actually are..

2019/11/15 3:05:35 PM UTC

@AstroBadger good, if you have more questions feel free to ask me (main: @absturztaube )
also i do agree that this stuff is really badly documented

2019/11/15 2:59:25 PM UTC

@AstroBadger did you add the theme in styles.json as well?

2019/11/09 6:08:16 PM UTC

@mewmew @hj i just tried several profiles. no missing follow button so far

2019/11/09 6:07:09 PM UTC

@mewmew @hj that shouldn't break the follow button tho