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part of a system (OSDD*) ~ here to meet people and look at art, mainly.

talk to me! i want more friends q.q (chats dont work right on my client so DMs pls)

im exploring! c:

@wowaname yea but i dont like that the skirt has no reaction to having a hand in the pocket theres no bulge or folding or anythinf

and :( just feels like it has more emotion than ☹

@wowaname it looks less like her hand is in a pocket and more like she is missing a hand


@tuxcrafting an entire person? that doesnt sound legal :o

emoticons are more expressive than emojis. nothing can compare to o3o

@Kotik ... what does this one say o3o


wish i could keep hold on the bodys control after i smoke but the host is the only one that can handle it i guess.

makes me wonder if being me requires some kind of focus, even if its a subconscious one

@kdt 👀

@Kotik word it like that then. ill give you a few translations that all work. idk if that is overkill for you though

"you need to become pregnant, not having kids made you sick"

"you dont have kids and that caused you to be sick"

"you dont have kids and that caused you to become ill"

both ways i worded it in the last post arent specific enough so it could be confusing in the same way it was for me

... also! i didnt know doctors say that in russia. that sounds pretty dumb :/

@Kotik ... or, wait. is the doctor daying not having kids is a sickness, or that not having kids made her sick?

@Kotik "so" and "because of it" mean the same thing, so you don't need both

"... so you're sick" or "... and you're sick because of it" are better, though the second sounds more janky even though its grammatically correct


@Meeper :( you didnt have to say something that would ruin my day