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An aspiring Techno-Messiah here to create Religion 2.0 to fill the God-shaped hole in our hearts.

@farhan I don't care that much about the Confederate monuments but Columbus and Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass are different. All of those represent actual virtues and I believe removing them symbolically says that there's no point in contributing to history, although none of them were perfect.

@farhan I see the idols as being analogous to the star wars sequels or the lion king remake compared to the originals. They were not spirituality, they were consumerism and cargo cults. That's very different from destroying mount Rushmore or the various statues that are being destroyed by black lives matter in the United States right now. Destroying them is like destroying the Kaaba or the Dome on the rock. Regardless of ones individual beliefs these monuments inspire countless people towards virtue.

I'm not with her. I'm with Kanye

There is a special place in Hell for Iconoclasts

It is my hope that is running against so he can get him to agree to drop out if he chooses as his VP instead of a random black woman who supports mass incarceration. Threatening to split the vote is a legitimate strategy.

I love Isopods




@velartrill Malia Obama daughter of Barack Obama son of Anne Dunham son of Stanley Armour Dunham son of Ruth Lucille Armour daughter of Harry Ellington Armour son of Nancy Ann Childress son of Nancy Conyers Childress daughter of Sarah Ann Landrum daughter of Mary Collins daughter of Edward Collins son of Susannah Lewis daughter of Zachary Lewis son of John Lewis son of Robert Lewis son of Sarah Pennington daughter of Joseph Pennington son of William Pennington son of Frances Palgrave daughter of Anne Glenham daughter of Eleanor Brandon daughter of Elizabeth Wingfield daughter of Sir Robert Wingfield Jr son of Sir Robert Wingfield Sr son of Margaret Hastings son of Hugh Hastings son of Hugh de Hastings son of Margaret Foliot daughter of Joan de Braose daughter of William de Braose 2nd Baron Braose son of William de Braose 1st Baron Braose son of Mardred ferch Llywelyn daughter of Joan Lady of Wales daughter of King John of England son of Henry II son of Geoffrey Plantagenet son of Ermengarde of Maine daughter of daughter of Elias I count of Maine son of Paula countess of Maine daughter of Herbert I count of Maine son of Hugh III of Maine son of Hugh II son of Hugh I son of Rothilde daughter of Charles the Bald Holy Roman Emperor son of Louis the Pious Holy Roman Emperor son of Charlemagne the first Holy Roman Emperor

I don't believe a society with civil forfeiture can call itself capitalist. Civil Forfeiture is intrinsically feudal and needs to be abolished even if we need to #AbolishThePolice to do so

I'm a person pretending to be a brand. If you want to follow a brand that pretends to be a person follow

@wowaname I disagree with moral relativism. You have a point though about there being more to it than meets the eye. Almost everyone has that to some extent

Many neo-nazis are biased, but they actively hate a group and want to harm it, which is morally wrong in itself.

Being biased against a group isn't malicious against them so it isn't morally bad in isolation, it just means you are a bad judge of character, the morally bad part is to escape responsibility for your mistakes. This is in contrast to neo-nazis who might not even be biased

This is subtly different from someone just wanting to hurt people due to their race because the police officer is objectively bad at his job. But the consequences for him being bad at his job to fall on people other than himself.

For example, a racist police officer who thinks black people are intrinsically criminals will engage in bad policing that hurts the community, but there is a moral hazard in place that makes the losses from his mistakes fall on people other than himself

I think we really need to distinguish between moral hazard prejudice vs malevolence. Moral Hazard prejudice takes the form of someone misjudging another person due to a stereotype, but it comes alongside a moral hazard

Your prejudice is a you problem until moral hazards let you make the people you are prejudiced against suffer for your incompetence

The problem isn't that some police officers make biased judgments of people based on race, alone that's just them being bad police officers who should be fired. The real problem is the moral hazard where bad police officers escape consequences for doing their jobs badly

Malia Obama is a princess of the American Royal Family. She is the prophesied queen to come due to sharing her birthday with America herself, and she has a great prestigious bloodline going back to British Royal Family
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Are we human or are we brand?