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@Jain @mitsuki @Akio @sjw Then what is this?

@algore @matrix @mewmew @p @reitrace Neat! The mail lady is still delivering mail even with the shelter in place order.

@algore @matrix @mewmew @p @reitrace In theory, NB is the only Shitty Service that's affected.

On the bright side I just updated the 500 page to link to alts I'm probably on
cc @algore @reitrace @p @matrix @mewmew

Sorry NB is down. I'm rebuilding the indexes to see if that'll make stuff work again.

@proxeus snugg

@mewmew How'd you get tags working so well over here?
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@Purrplenekoboi @Dreaming @mewmew @Stellar You can view the full conversation on NB. No account required:

I'm gonna open a support ticket

NB is down because slabs went offline. Trying to fix now.

@p @Kommando @Nobody @fluffy @march @matrix @mewmew @redneonglow @redneonglow @sjw Maybe some driver crashed or stuttered or something. Not entirely sure. youmushrug
Those two databases are angry in the logs tho. I think I've fixed it tho. Now we just play the waiting game.

@p @Kommando @Nobody @fluffy @march @matrix @mewmew @redneonglow @redneonglow @sjw Yeah, postgres seems to have shat itself while I was asleep. Funkwhale and Plume DBs seem to be working fine but Misskey and Pleroma DBs are fugged. Doesn't look like any data was lost and I can probably fix it but it'll take a little while. ETA 2 hours.