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I live in a hutch


I'm writting a novel now.

@chosafine I'm about to give up on Firefox. The Quantum release was amazing, but in the past year, it's gotten slower and less reliable and filled with tons of bugs. I might go back to Vivaldi.

@thomasfuchs It's like the desert's on fire


Just look at these little bastards:


They're all so adorable


@fluffy Wait, you have an alt on here?

@mewmew @Lux What even is left wing any more?

Freedom of speech is out right? (seriously asking. I'm super confused on the left stances on this right now)

@kaikatsu but "a prostitute is a women who will love you, no matter who you are or what you look like. Yes it's true Children. Unlike any other woman you pay her to to stay, but a prostitute you pay to leave afterwards." -Chef

@dozens @grainloom robo girlfren when?

@djsumdog @icedquinn It's now $2.50

Are we going to see more cases on Viewpoint Discrimination?

@a7 @bagofshit Is it? I through you were just trollin'

Made my day.


@captwfcall Most of what the hard left is doing is insane and pushing most of center America to the right. I highly doubt anyone is leaning left after this past month. We've watched cities and states that have had a progressive in charge for decades, literally unable to protect their people or enforce the rule of law.

@null me neither. 😔 😪

@pasture god I fucking hate the new web.

re: uspol, abuse
@erosdiscordia Countdown clock? You do realize it's very unlikely blobcattrump​ will loose right? It's difficult to remove an incumbent, and if anything, the past month has moved many 🇺🇸 👥 to the right. No one in the center is going left at this point.

I'm a sleepy blob. I feel like I have a perpetual headache. Got no blobgirl. Just got work and living in an ivory tower.

..and you can't complain, because everyone's going through the same thing. It's bizarre. None of us are 'alone together' .. that's just bullshit. We're all just .. alone