Iridium Slime |

I live in a hutch

Where I grew up kids found god at the bottom of a Dixie cup

When being cute isn't enough

@alex This world is lost to the slime

our the blue blob lobster?

What ever happened to our Liz-a-bee?

Hi Frens

@Jain Wow that has been going on a long time... looong live stream.

I went out to a park/camp ground and walked around. I smoked a cigar and got high too.

re: the sims :blobcatpirate:
@icedquinn ah yes, the double wide of the tiny house


How are you @Jain? Blobbin along?

It's nice outside


@Mitsu looks Australian.

@fristi @Mitsu I thought that was seagulls

For all living things, entropy will be our ultimate eventuality.

@sjw how does she got from zero to 100% instantly? Shouldn't it change to a charging indicator?

Still blobbin

@stux superz dawgz

@feld That sounds tragic. Why not send them a text and ask how they're doing instead?