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I live in a hutch

BLM Leftist Fires Shotgun At Trump Supporters, Gets Arrested

how are all my glib glbos!

I miss the blob turtles. That was a fun instance.

I offered to take some work, but now I'm kinda regretting it. I have a hard enough time getting my own stuff done ... and I'm not sure I really need the monies.

This has been censored on a private tracker

For the end of the world should I go ascetic or hedonistic?

@Natsura meow meow

@Nonetrix so peaceful. I envy you cat. You don't live long enough to either die a hero or to see yourself become the villain.

I need to focus today and get some work done. I wish my soul would stop hurting.

@amerika @georgia @Dave420 @Orakel I never know someone is a Jew until they tell me.

Everything hurts

@quad @brad I'm intrigued

It worked. Here's screenshots before, at the store and back home. I've cream was maybe starting to soften a little bit but perfectly fine.

50% barely made it. Motor was beginning to noticeably slow down when I got home.

Overall I'd consider this a resounding success
Tusky_1596205628711_92MFRHTS8S.png Tusky_1596205631631_4P8QKY0W3I.png Tusky_1596205634589_Y4DMDTN6PW.png Tusky_1596205668420_TYOBETW267.jpg


I had tons of space-travel fantasies when I was a kid that were all crushed the moment I realized you had to spend exactly as much time and energy slowing down as speeding up

Maybe I should pray, but even if I believed, I could help but think that god has abandoned us

Just found out a local doctor was/is involved in the *Frontline Doctors* video that was removed and ridiculed.
For the record, should I or any of my family get the 'rona, he will be the first phone call I make and my new doctor

Hour long conversation with a best friend who doesn't understand why she should keep living...

@realcaseyrollins @alcade I'm not a Christian, but I use to be ... got in touch with an old friend from the ministry recently. I wish I had put in more effort to keep up with my Christian friends.