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I live in a hutch

2020/04/08 4:41:23 AM UTC

I grew up in suburbia. I've been in cities for over a decade. I would not want to raise a kid in the suburbs. Even in crap cities like Cincinnati with the bus system from hell, you see kids being more independent. They can walk to their friends, walk to theatres, Graders/UDF (good ice cream), this shit called Skyline which Ohioans think is chilli.

2020/04/07 1:52:33 PM UTC

@TatsuyaIshida This looks really similar to the artwork/style of the person who draws Sinfest

2020/04/07 1:50:07 PM UTC

@Terry Here's the actual study. It seems to be a lot of meta-analysis nonsense.

2020/04/07 5:46:57 AM UTC

@roka @mwvdragon @Dolus @Ricotta @hakui @zemichi huh ... in movies, you can mess with the story; it's almost expected. Games need to have a certain established goal; and the driving force towards that end is what hook the player in. Doing interesting game paths is risky. It worked in Life is Strange and failed in Mass Effect 3 (unless indoctrination is true and EA killed it; which sucks cause that ending would have much MUCH less shit).

So much of FF7 was not only story, but story in other game mechanics ... like in combat. Sephiroth and Cloud's story is told through the battle sequences.

Kings Quest I and LSL1 and others had remakes, but they were essentially still the same game with new graphics. FF7 is still on my top games list. It tooks 90+ hours of my life. I don't know if I want to play it over again without those poorly animated 3D block hands.

2020/04/07 3:31:03 AM UTC

@kick My best friend back in high school wrote this. I was a Christian back then; he was a pastor's kid...

2020/04/07 3:28:29 AM UTC

@kick My dad threw out all my notebooks .. and kept like .. boxes of my DVDs ... I have some old work on CDs, but most of my really young drawings and tapes of fake radio shows .. they're gone

2020/04/07 3:25:11 AM UTC

Are there only like 100 people on the fediverse and everybuddy has like 10 secret altz?!

2020/04/07 2:41:56 AM UTC

I don't know how I feel about Westworld S3. It's still good enough I'll finish it ... I gave up on Lost S3 and never finished it ... and never will.

2020/04/07 2:40:01 AM UTC

@freon It's gonna be alright pengin' friend :ablobcatheart:โ€‹ :blobcatmeowcouple:โ€‹ :blobcatblue:โ€‹ :blobcatdoggocouple:โ€‹

2020/04/06 6:45:44 PM UTC

@alayna @steph Can reacts be sent via a Mastodon backend if you had a different frontend or does the Masto API drop those parts of the payload entirely?