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I like to make biscuits.

I enjoy classical music, the smell of leaves in the Fall, and cooking. I like riding my bike.

I enjoy studying religions, mythology, and history.

An hour and a half of watching Kristen Stewart and Jessica Henwick run around half dressed and wet? Yes please. #underwatermovie

@DiamondHell @11112011 @FailurePersonified @Grandtheftautism @Heliodramus @Kommando @MisterRogersSnapped @Oblivia @OurGloriousLeaderDonaldJTrumpPresidentOfTheUnitedStatesAndTheRestOfTheWorld @PorkCow @Prodigal @SteveTheDragon @Terry @bagofshit @comfy @cowanon @dave @happymoomoo @histoire @jasonl8446 @kakol @lucky @ohi @p @pickle @realDonaldTrump @redneonglow @sjw @thebitchisback if that means forgiveness of all debt then I don't really mind, honestly. Fuck an economy that creates a wealth funnel. That's not healthy capitalism; that's legalized robbery intended to recreate the aristocracy.

@starcake @igel @Moon @dielan nm. I see it. @10grans balance

Existential Catacrisis

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