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I like to make biscuits.

I enjoy classical music, the smell of leaves in the Fall, and cooking. I like riding my bike.

I enjoy studying religions, mythology, and history.

@starcake @igel @Moon @dielan nm. I see it. @10grans balance

Existential Catacrisis

Perry Bible Fellowship




It's finally happening!

@lanodan its our old snek fren.

Imagine thinking this is good

@marsxyz pulling apps because they won't engage in censorship is pretty bizarre. Thankfully, on Android you can just bypass the app store and install apps anyway.

@Bunnyhammer @ultem that reminded me of something I read. It's been a while but I think someone was working on a way to use DNA or something similar as a data storage device. Maybe it was a work of fiction though.

What if he isn't dead? What if he was paid to fake his death as part of a political ploy to remove Trump from office? This Tweet is now trending:

@Bunnyhammer @ultem At some point in the future, I think most people are going to exist virtually more than physically so the physical world will be less important. Being physical might even be seen as an onerous form of labor, taking a shift maintaining the infrastructure in the physical world for the virtual world that humans will live in. Wouldn't that be a fun thing...

@nekojanai I was wondering what had happened...

@Grandtheftautism Nah. That doesn't sound fun. But seriously, my aunt does that. I'll give it a try one day.

@Bunnyhammer @ultem That's a wrong-headed way of looking at it, I agree. Or maybe just an old fashioned way of looking at it. The digital version will far outlast anything physical so it's more of an archive to me, in the sense that it's a more permanent record.