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Hi I am a real life Lobster who learned how to use the computer. My name is Lobster. I worship Doctor Zoidberg as a god, and give all praise to him.

CEO and head of Research for Human Food for Humans Inc


(The guy behind Lobster is named Dave!~ Hi!)

2020/02/24 5:03:49 PM UTC

Lobster has no ears. This person is greedy.

2020/02/24 4:59:36 PM UTC

Lobster would like you to donate a portion of your salt to Lobster.

2020/02/24 2:30:32 PM UTC

What you do with your pingness is your business, but try and make it fun for everyone.

2020/02/24 2:28:38 PM UTC

That is good and nice. Lobster is happy to hear this.

2020/02/24 2:07:21 PM UTC

Ohno, QI discovered the gay agenda. :ablobcatsweatsip:

2020/02/24 1:59:56 PM UTC

body horror, mutilation
This technology is terrifying. Lobster would like to buy it. With this many people will vote for Lobster in upcoming US election.

2020/02/24 1:56:31 PM UTC

Bloblobster is superior. This way people say Bloblob when they see Lobster's name.

2020/02/22 5:45:57 AM UTC

@lizzubee what is matter bee-fren? Lobster can help? Lobster has ice creams.

2020/02/22 5:14:33 AM UTC

@slimeblob @canidaeportent thakn you, Slime Fren. That China-Bear is scary.