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Hi I am a real life Lobster who learned how to use the computer. My name is Lobster. I worship Doctor Zoidberg as a god, and give all praise to him.


Alt of (The guy behind Lobster is named Dave!~ Hi!)

2019/12/11 11:17:37 PM UTC

@LennartMathiassen that would explain why you can't get malpractice insurance anymore.

2019/12/11 11:14:17 PM UTC

@surasanji @fluffy @11112011 damn it i read this originally as "This is how friendship works. Do you have a gun?"

And got excited that my culture was finally being represented <3

2019/12/11 11:13:32 PM UTC

@fluffy @11112011 I ask because if my doctorate in Oceanonomy has taught me anything is that a gun is a lot more powerful than friendship.

2019/12/11 11:10:48 PM UTC

@surasanji @11112011 Let's fight him together! The power of friendship will surely prevail!

2019/12/11 11:11:27 PM UTC

@fluffy @11112011 Fluffy, I realize that this is probably not the best time, but that isn't how friendship works.

Do you have a gun?

2019/12/11 11:08:16 PM UTC

@fluffy @11112011 Fluffy, run, I'll protect you from the C R A B ! D:

2019/12/11 11:01:48 PM UTC

I just have to say this you are full of shit , not wolves .

2019/12/11 11:04:22 PM UTC

@11112011 It might be because I'm a lobster, but it also might be because I'm *VERY* important.

2019/12/11 11:03:52 PM UTC

@11112011 I'm sorry. I don't understand those words in that order.

2019/12/11 10:56:57 PM UTC

Pisses me off when someone posts the funny stuff before I think of it.

2019/12/11 11:02:24 PM UTC

@11112011 Mister, I'm tryin' to help you here with some real, down to earth Lobster advice. You don't have to take it, but don't come crying to Lobster when your clever plan to blow someone terribly goes horribly right.

2019/12/11 10:59:22 PM UTC

@11112011 no, trust me. It's not gay if you blow them wrong.

2019/12/11 10:58:16 PM UTC

@11112011 you should give them a terrible blow job. That'll teach them.

2019/12/11 10:55:02 PM UTC

@AstroBadger @reitrace @toast I did do some tasteful nudes with Dame Judy Dench, though. I remember that because she was super nice and very cool about the sea snail jelly.

2019/12/11 10:51:47 PM UTC

@AstroBadger @reitrace @toast I might have. I was doing a lot of sea snail jelly in 2018, so most of the year is sort of a blur.