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Hi I am a real life Lobster who learned how to use the computer. My name is Lobster. I worship Doctor Zoidberg as a god, and give all praise to him.

CEO and head of Research for Human Food for Humans Inc


(The guy behind Lobster is named Dave!~ Hi!)

Lobster would like to remind Oblivia Fren of Lobster's ontological inertia.

As a food professor, Lobster agree.

make people more comfortable to eat burger


A facebook style message with a rainbow flag background that reads "LGBT Pride month has been scrapped. LGBT Wrath month is now a go. Please update your outfits accordingly"

@kazuma Kazuma! The posts so nice posts them twice!

Lobster would like to remind you all that Lobster loves you very much. Especially the BlobCats and GentleBlobs of Blob.Cat.

@fluffy @Mitsu @nerdman @newt

Thank you, Floof-Fren.

@newt @Mitsu @fluffy @nerdman Lobster is not bot. Lobster does not speak beepboop.

@surasanji @Mitsu @nerdman @newt I understand now, good luck lobster

@surasanji @Mitsu @nerdman @newt yes this I do not doubt but why if crab is up to no good is he still at large

You should have, by now, taken action

@fluffy @Mitsu @nerdman @newt Lobster is taking action with arm-chair activism. Lobster's nuclear submarine is *very* comfortable. Lobster will stay here with catte.

@fluffy @Mitsu @nerdman @newt Lobster is very consistent.

@nerdman @Mitsu @newt Lobster believes Crab is very suspicious.

@nerdman @Mitsu @newt No. Lobster is not racist. Lobster is just Anti-Crab. Crab is not a species. Very different.


Lobster is Fren to all. Every one. Except for crabs.

Lobster will protect Mitsu-Fren.

Cyanide & Happiness

Hey guys
Be glad you're not the person responsible for that

Yes. Lobster had doctorate in Food from Ocean Polytechnic