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Hi Lobster is real life Lobster who learned how to use the computer. Lobster's name is Lobster. Lobster worship Doctor Zoidberg as a god, and give all praise to him. Lobster is biggest Gloria Estefan fan in ocean.

CEO and head of Research for Human Food for Humans Inc


(The guy behind Lobster is named Dave!~ Hi!)

Thanks you, Tuxfren


National Lobster Day is coming quickly! What gift did you get for Lobster?

@Elfie @se7en

That is not Lobster.

Lobster believes in right to protest as long as Lobster is able to ignore your protest. Once protest is inconvenient to Lobster you are being violent and bad protesters.

This is good status quo. Lobster very comfortable here.

I love my bunny

@georgia Remember, Lobster love is most honest love there is.

@georgia Lobster love you, Georgia-Fren. Is okay. You are good and nice.

@Mitsu This is very on brand for bunnies. Lobster has to keep all banana far from sea bunnies.

@georgia If only Lobster understood what Georgia-Fren is sick and tired of. :(

@red Yes, so you are saying aunts are for sale because you have enough? Lobster need aunt for project.

Please help Lobster with market research. Which slogan does human prefer:

@VD15 Yes. Lobster is very sad corm dorg was never supplied. Lobster enjoy corm dorg very much at local ocean fair.

@CyclopsCaveman Lobster prefer European Raster Bars. Very good drinks.

Vincent: You know what the funniest thing about Europe is?

It's the little differences. A lotta the same shit we got here, they got there, but they're a little different.

Jules: Example?

Vincent: When you log into Quake in Amsterdam, you play with ping. And I don't mean low ping either. You get some real ping. And in Paris, you can play Quake at McDonald's. And you know what they call deathmatch in Paris?

Jules: They don't call it deathmatch?

Vincent: No, they got the metric system there, they wouldn't know what the fuck a deathmatch is.

Jules: What'd they call it?

Vincent: They call it Battle Royale.

Jules: Battle Royale. What'd they call Capture the Flag?

Vincent: CTF's CTF, but they call it Capture le Flag.

Jules: Capture le Flag! What do they call headshots?

Vincent: I don't know, I didn't play Unreal Tournament. But you know what they pirate games on in Holland instead of floppy disks?

Jules: What?

Vincent: Cassette Tapes.

Jules: Goddamn!

@VD15 Lobster was never provided a corm dorg.

Lobster hope bee-fren remember that many flowers will bloom after we find out gender of giant insect that live under Pasadena. Fire is part of natural gender reveals system.

Lobster ask Georgia-fren to only smoke a little meth and not overdo it. Moderation is important with meth.

Please make guess. Winners will get one (1) coupon for Human Food For Human's new product: Ultimate Bean!

Ultimate Bean is best and brightest of bean technology. Lobster know that bean is human favorite food. It is in coffee. It is in Soy milk. Bean is in Chicago! Bean is in Los Angeles! Bean is everywhere!

With Ultimate Bean you now can have perfect roundish, bean-shape burrito.

*Lobster and Human Food for Humans is not responsible for any of the following: hair loss, teeth loss, skin loss, indigestion, being bitten by ultimate bean- (Please use provided patented electro-bean prod when subduing bean). Bean can sometimes be grumpy. Feed bean with pig blood to keep bean happy until such time to slaughter bean has come.