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guys help my blanket smells like dildos because they were in the same dresser

well i think everything's ready

cc @sylveon

oh shit they added so much to adminfe

I THINK what fixed it was adding an explicit pl.<example.tld> record instead of just a wildcard


nvm it magically started working lol

pleroma knows it's supposed to be on the subdomain, the cert is for the subdomain, going through local network everything works

okay so the instance is working fine but dns doesnt want to make it work

anyone know how to get a subdomain working with pleroma

time for the hardest part of making a pleroma instance, getting dns to work

honestly i think i'm just gonna give up on this whole migrating database thing and just abandon all my old shitposts. not like any of them actually mattered.

just make the parent directory too you piece of shit software

and gimme a progress bar while you're at it

tfw cp can't create the directory because it doesn't exist

turns out you have to manually resize the filesystem of a raspberry pi image if it isn't booted into a raspberry pi. alright. hope i dont break anything

@djsumdog yeah, i know i'm gonna have to refollow. i just want all my old posts available on the new domain. i already exported my follow list so i'll be alright

ok so i have a pgdump file so i think i can do a database migration with it. i'll make sure to copy the uploads folder

idk if federation will work right for the old domain redirecting but i can try

u kno its a good mirosd card when its got da bump on the back

wow dumping an entire database can take a while huh

instance block
@wolf480pl @ehashman @acciomath i used gimp to make it

Gender dial

time to feel horrible again because everyone hates pedophiles