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2020/04/08 3:43:48 AM UTC

tom nook has a big


sensitive media
sensitive media

2020/04/08 1:55:41 AM UTC

the singular of semen is seman

2020/04/07 10:26:30 PM UTC

studying for my prostate exam

2020/04/07 9:15:38 PM UTC

Youth Pastor voice: "You know who else had a nice ass?"

2020/04/07 5:19:56 PM UTC

@mewmew I'm at home with my parents

2020/04/06 9:06:36 PM UTC

Crazy how a lot of the low-wage workers are deemed essential, eh? Almost like all derogatory talk about them being "low skill" or frivolous was complete bullshit...

2020/04/06 7:34:57 PM UTC

@mewmew as a counterpoint:

2020/04/06 7:21:47 PM UTC

what's the conversion rate between bottlecaps and pulltabs?

2020/04/06 1:56:00 PM UTC

i accidentally got myself stuck in a youtube comments argument about kombucha

2020/04/06 5:40:17 AM UTC

the bar: *could not be any fucking lower*
cis people:

2020/04/06 5:27:13 AM UTC

just found a dude who thinks trans women aren't real women because they don't fit into his objectifying fetishes

2020/04/06 5:23:23 AM UTC

hot take of the day: if you're a straight man or lesbian woman and you wouldn't want to fuck a post-op trans woman (i.e. has a vagina) purely because she is transgender then that's lowkey transphobic