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2020/02/24 3:00:24 PM UTC

@hakui gime nice brain cummies hug sad alien bing bing wahoo

2020/02/24 1:44:11 AM UTC

@sathariel I showed your reply to a fairy and she pressed these two buttons with extreme cuteness

2020/02/23 1:13:08 AM UTC

@a7 Oh really? Then how do you explain the look on my face?

2020/02/23 1:06:39 AM UTC

@isi Sleep well Princess! Many mews to help you sleep :blobcat :blobcatblep:

2020/02/23 1:02:29 AM UTC

@terryenglish awwww you're cute :blobcathappy:
Want to play more, but am too tired :blobcatsleep:
Suya, sensitive cutie! ~

2020/02/23 1:01:30 AM UTC

@isi :blobcat0_0: :blobcatlove: *purring intensifies*

2020/02/23 12:56:06 AM UTC

Pinky swear. If I lie, no more rabbit ears for me to nom. :blank: N e v e r

2020/02/23 12:53:51 AM UTC

@fluffy well you fluffy can ping me for hugs anytime you want lol