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what am I supposed to put here

a cat on the internet :blabcat:
formerly (not a terf tho)


layoffs, mozilla

Mozilla laying off 1/4 of staff

Confusingly COVID-19 is blamed, but I don't understand how that could be the case unless it directly correlated with losing specific funders. COVID-19 seems like it could also be an opportunity to close unnecessary offices, dramatically reducing costs.

- This probably means even more browser takeover by chrome
- Vague "pivot to products" talk
- Executive pay keeps going up



i have decided to draw this person's anime snek


friend sent me a dumbass

i need to stop posting things at 3am

i have too much serotonin rn ablobfoxhyperowo
it feels like when you drink a LOT of caffeine so you're jittery n shit

my bf has been using the same ones for like 7yrs :

how do you people do that shit

god i hate wifi so fucking much

my favorite thing about art fight is looking at the random character section

it is a lot of good art, but at the same time there's edgy shit like this

you'd think "oh it's just a kid," but sometimes i go look at their profile and it's straight up a 25yr old

thank god i finished both my commissions because i straight up just feel like vibing for a bit

altho i am midly salty i posted a revenge attack & the person hasn't responded to it yet... like it's been 2 days and i am impatient ablobcatbongo

my life has been art fight & world of warcraft this entire month


what the fuck lmao


I'm abusing this camera trying to get used to it


new phone who dis