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My name was generated by Bitwarden.

I am simple man, origami, android and speedcubing are my jam.

I like tech, retro games and not using google

I recently started doing pixel art and learning Game development with Godot engine!

You can also watch the trailer here!

This project is totally solo, music, art and code will all be done by Game Endeavor, so help him out pls

This game is looking awesome, madi with and it started a campaign this month, so. Please, make sure to back it up if you can!

Zoe and the cursed Dreamer is an indie game made with .

Here is the link to its

And you can play the demo in

Boost this pls, the kickstarter will end in 2 weeks

Finally, I have them ALL. Take a look at this beauty.
Now I support BOTH Github and Mastodon. No more excuses to leave a comment on my website!

@The_Quantum_Alpha So true, I wish people were more willing to listen to stuff they don't agree with sometimes

@0PT41N @werwolf Light dm indeed is awesome. That's what I use at least

@joeligj12 That's great! Looking good

I have added a new comment system to my blog, this time using mastodon! I also made some changes that you might have already seen, so I talk a bit about those.

This is day 30 of

To continue on my second day of , I have my second post. Yes, about RSS feeds, how original I know...
Let me know your thoughts!


@bleakgrey I will check that out indeed

Tootle 1.0 is live, enjoy

Hello everyone, I do be back

dating app but you don't have to date anyone or talk to anyone

Heyo! Been a while with no posts here...

@mewmew @kazuma Well why is this instance called then? (Not complaining)

@kazuma Fine, I'll do it

Are you interested in a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon?

because I'm making a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon

Wait, is it a requirement to have a blob profile picture or everyone is just doing it?