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Just here to blob.
CW: sometimes blabbing.

2020/02/02 9:18:18 PM UTC

Sending you one spare internet :blobcatpresentgreen:

2020/01/25 10:39:08 PM UTC

This is a great ~~blobform~~ platform to start our on! Loads of nice people here.

2020/01/25 10:34:11 PM UTC

Hi! Is this your main account or are you also elsewhere?

2020/01/23 7:14:32 AM UTC

The trash boys come at 8 to get the sweet sweet recyclables. Don't need an alarm

2020/01/23 7:11:26 AM UTC

Was a phase... The filename gives good insights too

2020/01/22 10:14:44 PM UTC

Girls love to get poisoned by Chinese e-juice :blabcatpeek:

2020/01/07 10:25:52 PM UTC

Using chapstick just makes your lips worse IMO

2020/01/06 10:09:30 PM UTC

I don't think I could. Even if they paid me.

2020/01/01 1:52:42 PM UTC

@fluffy @tuxcrafting
I always breaded... dreaded this day! :blobcatterrified:

2020/01/01 1:48:33 PM UTC

@ultewm @tuxcrafting hohoho you'll never catch me with this disguise :owobreadpeek:

2020/01/01 1:42:46 PM UTC

@fluffy @tuxcrafting
Come here you little bread... brat! :blobcatpolicedonut:

2020/01/01 1:19:36 PM UTC

@fluffy @tuxcrafting
Don't insult your elders fluffy :blobcatpolicepeek:

2020/01/01 1:18:04 PM UTC

Same principal, you can still is Prometheus and Grafana and use Mastodon logs.

2020/01/01 11:50:21 AM UTC

My employer thinks the correct answer is Windows terminal servers :blobcatfakeverified: