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Welp time to find another server

@roka YES

@nonetrix @nonetrix thanks, updated from the site and they worked

@Lewdbot what is a 3dpd doing here

@Jain at least youtube ads seem to have dissapeared comfythumbsup

@nonetrix @nonetrix nice, gonna give it a look

@nonetrix i guess, i'm using the default config, maybe i should update the browser or the extension

@Jain no clue, i'm seeing ads in some sites again and i didn't touched the config blobcatthink

uBlock origin is not woucking

blobcatthinkOwO Among Us but with comfy blobcats!!!!

@watanabe @Kurohitsuji

Got it! It wasn't even in the playlist! I was on 200/300 and I bothered to read and saw the the katakana seems to indicate the instrument used, Piano, Ensemble and such just didn't match

I just went on the website, translated the side bar and "Fashionable" (ใŠใ—ใ‚ƒใ‚Œ) seemed to fit and I was right on the money. It's labeled as Techno - Electro and none of these were in the playlist ^^;;

The song is bird

Surprisingly, this is not the first time I've asked for songs from such work <_<. There's this animation, Image EX from Dollhouse, the bonus dance video has an original song. I asked on 4chan's /r/ and surprisingly got an answer from someone who searched it from the past, they figured out it was original work, and got a download cleaned up and cut MP3 that makes it longer

Thanks guys!

@fluffy a little more chubbiness would have been cuter

*vertex painting

#inktober #blender RODENT

Nothing to fall off of your chair. I wasn't going to follow the official prompt because i couldn't think of something to do, but then i remembered that there was a tutorial to make low poly animals so i followed it to make a capybara.

I also didn't wanted to use procedural nodes or images to texture it, so i experimented with texture painting.

@coolboymew @Kurohitsuji if you like that kind of vibe, you can look up the music of Naoki Kenji which has a similar feel