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have you ever tried?

2nd verse, same as the first



"You smart man, you sit by fire and tell Grug why sky blue. Jay-grug, pull up cave painting of gorilla fighting lion"

being a human kinda sucks tbh, regardless of gender

send lewd anime girls on xmpp

feet pics
been doing a lot of hiking and walking #tanlines
sensitive media

sensitive media

ordinary people are

everywhere you look
everywhere you turn

gemini fe when?

@kaikatsu i'm sure you'll do great

tiddies is good

good server very fast

Exporting the backup: 52% (9.82MB/s)

@thatbrickster is she gay?

@NeikoCat that's a good thing


Computer talk

I'm converging on a NAS solution based on a cheap secondhand BOHO server (that's "back office / home office") filled with new disks. Server hardware from several years back is still plenty competitive performance-wise with modern midrange desktop hardware.

Several local in the $100-$300 range, all ready to go and with 16-32gb RAM. That's about what I'd have to drop on a brand new NAS-focused case/power supply.

@moonman @kaikatsu

yeha some of the details are complicated and i agree. this whole "war on drugs" thing has done a lot to create violent crime and militarize the police.

@moonman @kaikatsu just legalize drugs and the threat level goes way down.

@kaikatsu @moonman its American tradition to skirt the law. cops don't have to be good at they job, they just give you an authority figure to work around.