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living in my own head

@ninapaley just wait till we get AI which can pass Turing test reliably, you won't even be sure you're talking to a human

I wonder what opening will Nagatoro have, it's ~2 months until the anime

i have so much testosterone and i don't need that much, anyone want to take some?

cancel culture is just the invisible hand of the marketplace of ideas

@lebronjames75 @lain pleroma moment

Using Latin alphabet for Slavic languages is a crime

Free market has ruined free speech, who would have thought


@blobcat haha smol

I don't really remember what does "wave function collapse" mean but it sounds hella cool imo

I feel like reading all this manhwa slowly makes me gay

@mycarrysun @JTR anti covid measures, i assume

so I slept 2 hours in total blobcatcomfglare

it's 2am
i want to want to sleep blobcatsleepless

i hurt myself tomorrow to see if i still can time travel

@wauz okay I didn't think of it

What would be the opposite of "I dislike pineapples"?